who takes the course?


Supporting persons with dementia involves many disciplines within a health care system; Dementia: Understanding the Journey is developed for all care providers regardless of experience or educational background. The learners are a diverse group of individuals who may or may not be working as care providers. While many learners will be students just starting out in a health care career, others will be experienced members of an interdisciplinary care team. Some learners will work in home care, some in a facility based settings. while others may be board members, volunteers, or family and friends of persons with dementia. Learners from diverse backgrounds bring different perspectives and experiences to this learning opportunity, enriching the experience for everyone
Each session leads into the next, supporting the care practices collaboratively and collectively. Earlier sessions provide the information to set up relationships, approaches, and environments that best meet the needs of the person living with dementia. As the course progresses, tools and approaches are offered to assist the care provider in recognizing when to change his/her own perceptions and methods to better support persons with dementia. The course is a required education component for Continuing Care Assistants, Licensed Practical Nurses, and most recently, for Dalhousie University nursing students.

Learners are responsible for:

  • Attending all sessions
  • Participating in the learning process
  • Completing a final project
  • Making up any missed sessions

While each of the eight topics could easily be expanded to cover many more hours, the intent of this course is to provide substantial working knowledge to begin to meet the particular needs of persons with dementia. It is understood and reiterated during the course that life-long learning will also be necessary, especially in the developing field of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.

How to Register

Dementia: Understanding the Journey is delivered throughout Nova Scotia by education providers, health care organizations, and other various delivering organizations. The Dementia: Understanding the Journey Administration also hosts three course deliveries per year in HRM. Employers and educational providers register the course delivery with the Dementia: Understanding the Journey Administration. Course time and dates are usually set by the organization and/or facilitators offering the course.

The Dementia: Understanding the Journey Administration will direct you to a course delivery in your area; it is the learners responsibility to register with the hosting organization.

To find out where Dementia: Understanding the Journey courses are being offered in your area, contact  dutj@healthassociation.ns.ca or contact health care employers or education providers who deliver the CCA Program in your area to inquire about participating in their Dementia: Understanding the Journey delivery.

Education makes a difference.


Dementia: Understanding the Journey recognizes that persons with dementia have the same basic needs for security, shelter, nutrition, and affection as other adults, and have the same rights to have these basic needs met. The challenge for caregivers is to meet these needs, as progressive disease symptoms cause increasing dependence.