delivering the course


Delivering organizations take on the responsibility of organizing and hosting the Dementia: Understanding the Journey Course.

Delivering organizations are responsible for:

  • Retaining an approved Dementia: Understanding the Journey facilitator
  • Providing the venue and other course logistics
  • Registering the course with the Dementia: Understanding the Journey Administration
  • Pay the per learner fee of $105 plus HST charged by the Dementia: Understanding the Journey Society
  • Registering learner
  • Learner registration fee is at the discretion of the delivering organization

Education providers are a key delivering organization as Dementia: Understanding the Journey is a component of the Continuing Care Assistant, the Practical Nursing, and the Dalhousie nursing education programs. Generally, other delivering organizations are health care providers such as nursing homes, home support agencies, and acute care facilities. However, this list is not inclusive.

The focus of the Dementia: Understanding the Journey Society is to promote a person-centered approach to providing care and services for persons living with Dementia through the ongoing development, promotion, and administration of Dementia: Understanding the Journey.

Dementia: Understanding the Journey Society and Administration are responsible for:

  • Continuously improving Dementia: Understanding the Journey to meet the needs of health care clients and providers.
  • Providing training and continuously evolving resources for individuals to become certified Dementia: Understanding the Journey facilitators
  • Distribution of the Learner’s Manual to delivering organizations
  • Accepting payment and invoicing for course fees
  • Processing certificate requests and sending certificates of completion to the delivering organization

Organizations wishing to deliver Dementia: Understanding the Journey can simply do so by completing the registration form and returning it to Dementia: Understanding the Journey Administration at least two weeks before the start date of the course.

Welcoming Community Members into your Course

There are many community members not associated with a health care employer or education provider who wish to take the course. For example, family members or an individual trying to gain CCA Certification through a CCA Recognizing Prior Learning process. At times you may be asked to take people from outside your organization; we encourage you to do this. In fact, some hosting organizations promote the course in their community; we encourage you to do so. We realize that in some cases this can be difficult, but the variety of experiences and backgrounds will enrich your course delivery for participants.

In addition, you or the course facilitator may be asked to take someone in for an individual session so they can complete their certification. We hope you will do so and we will help facilitate that connection if required.

Education makes a difference.


Dementia: Understanding the Journey recognizes that persons with dementia have the same basic needs for security, shelter, nutrition, and affection as other adults, and have the same rights to have these basic needs met. The challenge for caregivers is to meet these needs, as progressive disease symptoms cause increasing dependence.